Saturday, August 4, 2007

Great Blogging ahead

I can see Great Blogging ahead for our group.


Ray said...


Great to have you aboard! This is going to be a fun workshop and conference!


Jos Huls said...

I am eager to see what is going to happen. I hope to learn a lot.

Ray said...


Welcome! You have come the greatest distance to join us. I look forward to meeting you in Madison.


Wanda Umber said...

I am definitely a novice blogger, so I'm looking forward to learning a lot in the session!

JudyG said...

I echo Jos and Wanda's comments! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and to learning from them.

Ray said...

Hi Wanda and Judy!

How great to see you already logged into the blog! We are packing in steamy central Illinois today. Looking forward to the workshop - there will be lots of great applications and some fun along the way!


Jeff said...

This blog is a great idea! Can't wait to see what else will be covered in tomorrow's session. Podcasting? I'll bring my iPod just in case (grin). See everyone Tuesday.

Ray said...
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Ray said...


Podcasting - Absolutely! We have our baker's dozen of applications and more! I think we can guarantee that everyone will see some new Web 2.0 applications that can be useful as well as some new twists on old ones (like Podomatic!).

And, in the hands-on session in the afternoon there will be prizes for those chosen by the group as the coolest/best Web 2.0 demonstrations.

See you Wednesday morning!


Stroke said...

Thursday a.m. Yesterday's session was really great. Thank you. I especially appreciate all the FREE websites. Phyllis